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Medieavl Hexham Abbey

Medieval worship is a huge subject. Essentially, it is about the beliefs, religious practices and places of worship that played an intrinsic part in everyday life in many countries and over a period of almost 500 years - from the Norman Conquest to the Reformation.

The nature of medieval worship had a big impact upon the life of local people; it had a bearing upon local architecture as well as art and sometimes gave rise to conflict between religious and political ideas.

Medieval Sweetheart AbbeyOur principal focus is on Europe with medieval worship in England at the heart of our research but we will also be looking beyond that geographical frontier to the Middle East and Far East.

Medieval places of worship that still exist today and are still used by people - such as medieval churches and medieval cathedrals - are one of the most fascinating elements of this historic subject and one we pay special attention to.

We hope you enjoy your visit to and that you will return in future to discover more, new and exciting features.

(Above left: Sweetheart Abbey) (Above right: Stained glass window from St. Cuthbert's Church Carlisle Cumbria)

Medieval Churches
Read about St. Bartholomew The Great, the magnificent Priory Church (photo top centre) which is located in
West Smithfield, City of London - a truly historic
medieval church